What is ECC?

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What is ECC (Error Correction Code) and what should I set it to?

What is ECC (Error Correction Code)

ECC stands for Error Correction Code. It is a feature of QR codes that allows them to be read even if they are damaged or dirty. There are four levels of ECC on QR codes: L, M, Q, and H.

  • Level L can correct up to 7% of errors.
  • Level M can correct up to 15% of errors. (Generally Recommended)
  • Level Q can correct up to 25% of errors.
  • Level H can correct up to 30% of errors.

The higher the ECC level, the more data is added to the QR code to allow for error correction. This means that the QR code will be larger, but it will also be more robust to damage.

The ECC level that you should set depends on the environment in which the QR code will be used. If the QR code is likely to be damaged or dirty, you should use a higher ECC level. If the QR code is likely to be in a clean environment, you can use a lower ECC level.

Typically, Level M is the most frequently selected ECC level. It provides a good balance between size and error correction capability.